I am Cathy Love , one of the three artist that make up Sharp Art.  I am an Registered Nurse by profession however my artistic side has always be a big part of my life.  I made my first dress at age 10 and I am proud to say that my  4 sons ALWAYS had the best Halloween costumes.  That tradition continues with my 4 granddaughters.  I have always loved stained glass. It can be very expensive to purchase for your home.  It just seemed to always be out of reach financially.  Once my last son left the nest I started taking classes and one thing lead to another and Sharp Art became part of my life.

Stained Glass is beautiful !!   I want to enable anyone interested to enjoy the art  , learn how to make it.   Enjoy looking at it in your home.  Make it affordable for the average person.

something about the other artist ..

Paul Kidwell  , I am proud to say is my one of my sons.  He works in the health care industry.   He has a artistic side that will truly amaze you.  He NEVER uses a pattern.  He sees the finished piece in his head .  Our re purpose class is his baby!   Take a broken stem ware glass and turn it into something beautiful.  He took two metal pegs form my peg board and turned it into a prehistoric animal!  How about this mermaid!  He is awesome.


David McFadden is a farmer by trade.  He raises Peacocks.  Builds toy farm equipment !  He has a great singing voice ( you can only hear him as you approach our studio and he thinks he is alone).  He is very gifted artist.  He work is detailed and very beautiful!